The First Time

The first time it happened, I was 17.  I was on my way to the mall, listening to the radio.  As I approached 34th and University (in Gainesville), I heard an ad on the radio:  “Free givaways at the Brasington Trail Shop at the corner of 34th and University!”  I glanced over at the outdoor adventure store on the far corner of the intersection.  I thought about going in, but I was already in the right lane turning right.  As I hesitated, a voice in my head said:  “If you go there, you will win.”

I didn’t normally have voices in my head telling me what to do, so this puzzled me.  I really didn’t believe it.  I decided to continue my journey to the Oaks Mall instead.  But on the way back from the mall, I remembered the voice in my head.  “If you go there, you will win.”  Still struggling with this, I decided to go there.  I wasn’t particularly busy that day, and it was on my way home.  I wanted to test this voice in my head.

As I walked in, they handed me a raffle ticket. I walked to the back of the store to look at the kayaks and backpacks on the back wall.  But by the time I got to the kayaks, they were announcing the winning number of that hour’s raffle.  I stopped.  I listened.  They called my number!

I went back to the front of the store with my ticket, and they handed me some cheesy 10-cent piece of plastic junk.  I really don’t remember what it was.  Something very disappointing.  I wanted it to be so much more!  This was my moment of glory!  A voice in my head had told me to go win a prize, and I did!  I never won prizes. I never had voices in my head!  I wanted a gold trophy or something, not a plastic piece of junk.  But the experience remained.  The victory for the voice in my head was no less bizarre, regardless of the prize.  I had listened to the voice, and it had delivered on its promise.  It was a big lesson learned.

Since then, I have not had voices in my head telling me what to do (very often).  That rarely happens to me.  But I do have many other strange experiences that have no logical explanation. I will write about them here.  If you have had similar experiences, please let me know.  Maybe I will add them to my story.

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